Mammography Reporting

Mammography Structured Reporting

Why MammoView Reporting ?

The Mammography Reporting of choice

MILLENSYS Mammography Reporting Tool is a structured reporting workflow oriented application for women health screening and blind reading for diagnosis of mammography images using choices and selection from a predefined database or knowledge base.

The Mammo Reporting is designed to be integrated with any of Vision Tools products specially Vision Tools MammoView and MultiView workstations to provide professional mammography reports in few seconds,

It is a very important item in any women health screening program in which the patient history and prior examination results are considered added value in early detection of breast cancer and prevention.



The Mammography Reporting of choice

  • Workflow based reporting including blind reading reporting methodology for mammography reporting.
  • Dedicated Structured reporting tool for mammography studies with display of patient information, clinical history, procedures, findings and recommendations
  • Examiner module in which graphical marks can be attached to beast image.
  • Radiologist module in which Selection of BIRADS level, other findings or followup's requirements can be amended.
  • Statistical Analysis of stored data to aid in research.