MILLENSYS Integration Engine for HL7 , DICOM and more

Why MiBroker ?

A powerful Integration Engine for healthcare

MiBroker is HL7 and DICOM MWL/MPPS server that is an ideal solution to integrate any HL7 EHR / HIS system with any DICOM PACS system or any DICOM modality.

MiBroker receives orders from EHR / HIS using HL7 messages and distribute DICOM WL/MPPS to modalities. Then finally MiBroker can receive reports and send it back to the HIS with HL7 messages.

MiBroker can deal with non-HL7 HIS systems also using database sharing.

The MiBroker Server can be integrated with any PACS system from MILLENSYS or any other third party

Integration Capabilities

  • Accepts ADT, ORM, ORU and DFT HL7 messages
  • Supports DICOM Modality Worklist / MPPS messages.
  • Non-HL7 HIS integration with PACS / Modalities


  • HL7 HIS integration with PACS
  • DICOM WL/MPPS Distribution
  • Worklist distribution for non-dicom modalities
  • Can work as a stand-alone server or as a silent software service inside the PACS or RIS server


Modality DICOM Worklist

Modality DICOM Worklist " MWL SCU "

Retreive DICOM modality worklist from any RIS / PACS server . This eliminates the need to re-insert patient information again before starting examination and acquisition . This add-on is for non-DICOM modalities in a RIS , PACS environment.

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Report with Voice Dictation

  • Built in advanced reporting tool to write reports , select from normal templates and update just the abnormalities.
  • Insert images in the report.
  • compatible with Microsoft word.
  • Voice dictation feature to dictate reports with voice to speed up the work.
  • Included Web based reporting tool with templates to ease reporting from anywhere and any device (e.g. tablets and mobiles).

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