Powerful CR / DR Modality Workstation



Powerful Viewing and Post processing Features for radiologists

Why Vision Tools RadView ?

The CR / DR Modality Workstation of choice

Vision Tools RadView is a very powerful and scalable acquisition and viewing station for CR and DR radiography modalities including optional image stitching module for full spine full leg viewing and orthopedic measurements .

With its archiving capabilities, static and dynamic image viewing, variety of processing tools, printing features and reporting, the Vision Tools RadView application can be considered as an ideal solution for most doctors and users who need to increase their daily diagnosis productivity aiming to an improve of the provided patient healthcare service.



Archive Management

  • Receive and archive studies from DICOM modalities using different rule-based compression and routing configurations.
  • Support DICOM Store SCP/SCU and Q/R SCP/SCU.
  • Archive/Manage studies aided by multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies asap.
  • Import studies from CDs or USB flash disks or other portable media.
  • Create DICOM CDs/DVDs with built in Viewer for any studies in the work list.
  • Unified Patient Jacket to have a 360 degree view of patient history, old visits, old reports and attached documents.
  • Multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies on the fly.
  • Scan Images from any attached film scanner and save it into current study.
  • Send studies to any other DICOM server or device.


Image Management

  • View studies in multi-monitor configuration with automatic/manual hanging-protocols for comparison.
  • Do windowing, zoom/pan, annotations, multiple measurements including true scale viewing.
  • COBB angle measurement
  • Spine Labeling (vertebrae Annotation)
  • Image stitching for Full Leg/Full Spine
  • True Size Display/Printing
  • Non-Linear Windows LUT
  • Film template designer



  • Produce fancy looking print-outs on films or papers whether on DICOM printers or normal windows printers with the ability to design free film formats and templates, print true scale images, ... etc.
  • Visual Film Designing and operation (Visual Filming on Screen, What u see is what u print).
  • Film Template Designer (Free format).
  • Visual processing of images on film (e.g. window, zoom, pan, filters, measurements, etc.) .
  • Printing Films on both A4 paper printers and DICOM printers.

Image Stitching

Stitch CR/DR images to produce single long image in an easy way.


Modality DICOM Worklist

Retreive DICOM modality worklist from any RIS / PACS server . This eliminates the need to re-insert patient information again before starting examination and acquisition . This add-on is for non-DICOM modalities in a RIS , PACS environment.

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Report with Voice Dictation

  • Built in advanced reporting tool to write reports , select from normal templates and update just the abnormalities.
  • Insert images in the report.
  • compatible with Microsoft word.
  • Voice dictation feature to dictate reports with voice to speed up the work.
  • Included Web based reporting tool with templates to ease reporting from anywhere and any device (e.g. tablets and mobiles).

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