PACS Server Software

Powerful PACS Server for DICOM images of radiology , cardiology and other medical imaging modalities


The PACS Server of choice

MiPACS is a picture archiving and communication server for DICOM images, reports and other infomations. It support multiple DICOM service classes (e.g. DICOM store, DICOM Q/R, DICOM print, DICOM storage committment , ...etc.).

MiPACS is a core component in Vision Tools Workspace PACS solution, it receives images from different modalities, prioritize routing of images to different nodes on the network, compress received images with diffrent compression methods according to pre-configured rule.

MiPACS responds to any DICOM Q/R queries from modalities to send back archived images for the propose of comparison or history analysis of patient data.


Storage and Archiving

Any Where , Any Time access

MiPACS can store data for short term storage on a fast media for fast retrieval while older data can be stored on a long term storage with high archigivg capacity to hold data for years according to the demand of the heathcare facility.

The server works with an online archiving methodology [any where any time access] , this means that DICOM data can be retrieved any time without delay.

DICOM data is being compressed with different formats according to a pre-configured rule (e.g. JPEG Lossless, JPEG 2000, wavelet, Lossy , ...etc.).

The server can be integrated with multiple storage devices and act as a centeral archiving node for data storage .


Routing , Store and Forward

For Teleradiology Solutions

MiPACS act as a store and forward server in any teleradiology environment. It receives images from the scanning facility, compress and forward it to the reporting facilities via communication link (e.g. internet , ..etc.) , after the report is being written at the reporting facility, MiPACS again forward the report back to the scanning facility to be printed locally.


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