PET / CT Fusion

Why Vision Tools 3Dview PET/CT ?

PET/CT Workstation with many features.

Vision Tools 3Dview is a powerful and scalable 2D/3D reconstruction software for PET/CT modalities that can present high quality 3D volumes with multiple color editing utilities.

3Dview PET/CT Fusion supports the effective interpretation with whole body FDG oncology studies and real-time interaction with PET, CT and fused volumes. It enables radiologists to accurately and efficiently blend PET and CT studies to combine anatomical and functional images for rapid lesion analysis and characterization.

3DView PET/CT Fusion provide an accurate detection and interpretation of lesions in PET/CT imaging. It provides an automated workflow for hotspot triangulation and calculation and display of standard uptake values. A sophisticated attenuation correction algorithm compensates for the difference in intensity between structures deep in the body and structures close to the surface

Archive Management

  • Support DICOM Store SCP/SCU and Q/R SCP/SCU.
  • Archive/Manage studies aided by multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies asap.
  • Import studies from CDs or USB flash disks or other portable media.
  • Create DICOM CDs/DVDs with built in Viewer for any studies in the work list.
  • Multiple search criteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies on the fly.
  • Scan Images from any attached film scanner and save it into current study.
  • Send studies to any other DICOM server or device.


Image Management

  • View studies in multi-monitor configuration with automatic/manual hanging-protocols for comparison.
  • Do windowing, zoom/pan, annotations, multiple measurements including density and true scale viewing.
  • Process scan-lines, pilot images, cross reference lines and triangulation for CT/PET studies.
  • Advanced MPR/MIP for orthogonal, multi-oblique, curved, cross curved and spiral reconstruction of CT studies.
  • On the fly 2D and 3D Triangulation for CT and PET studies.
  • 2D/3D Fusion of PET / CT series.
  • Generate new slices from different angles Snap and save them to new series with just one button click.
  • SUV analysis measurements.


Advanced Visualization

  • Visual presets to select the desired color mappings and intensity range classes.
    Fuse CT and PET volumes with multiple blend modes to be able to have accurate interpretation of the whole study.
  • View multi series CT , PET , Fusion in MPR mode with multiple tools to ease viewing and navigation with just one button click.
  • Distinguish bones from soft tissue with just one mouse click. Where different structures have similar radiodensity, it can become impossible to separate them simply by adjusting volume rendering parameters. Segmentation is the right solutions for that, a manual or automatic procedure that can remove the unwanted structures from the volume .
  • Easy-to-use measurements and multiple automated SUV calculations can be done with simple mouse clicks.



  • Produce fancy looking print-outs on films or papers whether on DICOM printers or normal windows printers with the ability to design free film formats and templates, print true scale images, ... etc.
  • Visual Film Designing and operation (Visual Filming on Screen, What u see is what u print).
  • Film Template Designer (Free format).
  • Visual processing of images on film (e.g. window, zoom, pan, filters, measurements, etc.) .
  • Printing Films on both A4 paper printers and DICOM printers.

Vessel Analysis

Professional vessel analysis module to track and analyze vessels for stent-graft planning of CTA and MRA studies with easy tools to measure stenosis.

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Virtual Colonography

Virtually, Fly-through the colon using Automatic and manual path detection of colon and center line adjustments with easy navigation controls.
This makes it possible for radiologists and gastroenterologists to fly through prone and supine colon volumes more efficient.

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Calcium Scoring

Automatically identify calcified plaque burden in the coronary arteries with color coded display of calcium and calculates the calcium score. Automatic segmentation and point-and-click calcification assignment features to maximize ease-of-use.

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Coronary Analysis

Automatically extract, track and analyze coronary artery vessels with just one mouse click. MPR, MIP and 3D views are automatically generated. This facilitates rapid evaluation and planning of complex interventional procedures.

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PET / CT Fusion

View PET/CT fused studies in both 2D and 3D and perform multiple SUV measurements.

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