MILLENSYS Patient Portal


MILLENSYS Patient Portal is a smart tool to keep patients engaged with their health care service providers, in which, the patient can schedule new visits or exams , track his/her appointments and keep track of his medical record at the facility.

The patient can view his reports and images from this application as well as more clinical information on his case.

Built for the patient

My Medical Record , and more ...

The patient health care service quality is the major aim of any healthcare

service provider. So , MILLENSYS Patient Portal is the right solution to keep patients linked to their health providers all the time .

with the Mobile app , the patient can login with his pre-registered account , request new examination or appointment , track his requested examination status all the way from scheduling till complete , keep a copy of his medical record including previous examinations , radiology images and reports , prescriptions , ...etc .

And for the healthcare provider

Our Patient satisfaction , and a better healthcare service.

as a known business fact, Acquiring a new customer will costs more than maintaining an existing one and also, Loyal customers are likely to give free word-of-mouth advertising.

There comes MILLENSYS Patient Portal mobile application that enables the health care service provider to keep patients linked to their facility , providing this service to their patients increase the satisfaction and loyalty of the patients which leads into a better healthcare service quality and sustained market exposure , leading to better profitablility at the end.