Powerful Picture Archiving and communication system for medical images archive , viewing and reporting



Powerful Image Viewer and Reporting Tool for easy diagnosis and reporting



Multiple image processing tools for subspecialities Xray , Mammgography , CT , MRI , PET / CT and more.

Why Vision Tools Workspace PACS ?

A powerful enterprise imaging management software platform for archiving and viewing and sharing of medical images, reports and files across the healthcare enterprise.

  • it is a powerful web based picture archiving and communication system " PACS ", for radiology and multiple medical specialities (e.g. cardiology , orthopedic , women imaging , oncology , dental and more) with DICOM imaging and reporting capabilities at the same time , the software is available as cloud or on-premises , The PACS includes an HTML5 web based, zero footprint DICOM viewer to view images and videos and write reports from anywhere. The solution includes complete packages for archiving, data manipulation, image diagnosis, printing, reporting, study sharing and image / report distribution between users inside or outside the hospital or the diagnostics centre

    Vision Tools Workspace PACS is considered as an ideal single GUI Application for all operators, radiologists, cardiologists, technicians, clinicians , nurses , home viewing , teleradiology operators.

    The Workspace PACS is working as independent of INTERNET browsers (i.e. working with INTERNET explorer , Firefox , Google Chrome , Apple Safari , Opera Browser ) or operating systems (i.e. Apple iPAD , iPhone , android tablets and mobiles, windows, Mac and other operating systems).


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The All-in-one Solution

One Solution for image | report archiving and distribution

MILLENSYS , Vision Tools Workspace PACS

Built for Maximum Productivity

All the needed tools for better diagnosis and sharing studies under one umbrella.

Native Format

All images , videos and documents are archived and viewed in there native format for fast viewing and easy sharing.

DICOM Viewer

MILLENSYS PACS is equipped with two viewers : Advanced Viewer for Radiologists and zero footprint Web Viewer for clinicians and other physicians.

Universal File Format

Almost all known file formats are supported including DICOM and Non-DICOM images and Videos , DICOM Waveforms , PDF , MP4, Word Doc and Excel files as well as other files like Text , ..etc.


Reporting for radiologists is built in providing a unified experience for radiologists to diagnose and report in one application. An optional Peer Review module is available for reporting quality assurance.

Web Portals

The solution includes two portals :
1. Patient Portal for patients to view there medical record from the web
2. Physician Portal for physicians to view their patients data online.

Mobile applications

Optional Integrated mobile applications for patients and physicians engagement where both can view and track patients images and results from any android or iOS mobile phones or tablets.

Easy Import / Export

Patients data (e.g. images , reports) can be imported to the solution via web portals , mobile applications (including scanning feature) . also the data can be exported on CD or flash disks and email as well.


MILLENSYS PACS is equipped with a powerful integration engine to integrate other systems with DICOM , HL7 and XDS following the IHE standards . Also , non-standard integration is possible.


The system supports multiple interoperability standards like Image Sharing IHE platform , Health Information Exchange platform for seamless sharing and access to patient records HL7 & DICOM

Data Analysis

Integrated business intelligence web portal to build interactive dashboards for data analysis or archived images and patient data with ability to buld cross referenced boards to view data from multiple source.

Browser / OS independant

The solution is a pure web based application that supports most of the HTML5 capable internet browsers such as chrome, firefox , safari and microsoft edge . it can run on windows, linux , opunto , macox , iOS and android .

High Availability

The Solution includes a heart beat fuction to periodically monitor all the activies and solution components for correct operation and solve any mal-function component automically , achieving maximum uptime for the system.

Pay as you go

Easy and flexible pricing model to support all businesses from startups to enterprises thorugh both capex and opex payment methods

Workspace PACS Package


for starters and small load single practices

Workspace PACS Package


for single practices and small teleradiology

Workspace PACS Package


for loaded practices and multi-site teleradiology

Workspace PACS Package


for moderate hospitals and high load practices