Why Vision Tools Workspace PACS ?

Vision Tools Workspace is the long waited state-of-the-art solution for all users in the healthcare sector.

it is a powerful web based PACS and reporting solution for cloud, web, in-door and enterprise environment. using a state of the art HTML5 and streaming technology to speedup image transmission over low bandwidth lines. The solution includes complete packages for archiving, data manipulation, image diagnosis, printing, reporting, study sharing and image / report distribution between users inside or outside the hospital.

Vision Tools Workspace is considered as an ideal single GUI Application for all operators, radiologists, cardiologists, technicians, clinicians , nurses , home viewing and teleradiology operators.

With Vision Tools Workspace you will rarely need to install any other application in the imaging departments all over the hospital.

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Pay as you go.

You can select from multiple and scalable Vision Tools Workspace packages

The All-in-one Solution

One Solution for image | report archiving and distribution

MILLENSYS , Vision Tools Workspace PACS

Built for Maximum Productivity

All the needed tools for better diagnosis and sharing studies under one umbrella.