Unified e-Health Platform

Achieve Healthcare Operational Excellence with an All-in-One EHR / VNA / ERP platform

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Powerful Hospital Management solution that increases productivity and improve ROI for the healthcare provider and insure paient satisfaction

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Enterprise Imaging Platform | VNA

Powerful Vendor Neutral Archive to Access and Share images and documents accross the healthcare enterprise

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Powerful radiology management abd diagnostic solutions including RIS , PACS , VNA and financial management , more ...

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Complete management of laboratories with a poerful lab information system " LIS " and more ...

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Powerful Clinical Management solution that increases productivity and improve ROI for the healthcare provider and insure paient satisfaction

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Scalable financial management application including accounting, inventory and human resources management

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Scalable mobile applications for patients and physicians engagement accross the enterprise

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About Us

MILLENSYS , the partner that you can trust

Who we are ?


MILLENSYS is leader in healthcare software and IT solutions, providing innovative solutions to healthcare service providers to run their daily business in a quick, safe, efficient way and be able to achieve operational excellence, satisfy their patients and stakeholders, leverage their provided quality of service and increase their profits.

MILLENSYS software solutions to the healthcare ecosystem help as many as hospitals, medical centers and polyclinics, diagnostic centers, radiology scan centers, laboratories, health insurance organizations, billing and claim management firms, telehealth - teleradiology and telemedicine companies manage their business more professionally.

MILLENSYS unified eHealth platform includes a scalable electronic health record "EHR" or "HMIS, Vendor neutral archive "VNA" for enterprise imaging at hospitals, radiology PACS and DICOM Viewers plus information system RIS for radiology departments, LIS and lab automation for laboratories, other specialities like orthopaedics, gastroenterology, dermatology, dental, cardiology, oncology and others, telemedicine and teleradiology solutions for remote diagnosis and treatment, IHE / HL7 software engine for integration , CRM software for customer relation management , complete financial management ERP for managing billing, claims, accounting, inventory and human resources plus business intelligence tools and mobile applications for patient engagement.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Healthcare providers trust MILLENSYS as a single vendor to almost all needed management software for their business.

    With a wide range of software products portfolio ranging from clinical, imaging, worflow, automation, telehealth to financial management; competition is normally minimal.

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MILLENSYS and its products are certified with the multiple quality certificates e.g. “ISO 13485, ISO 9001, CE-Mark, FDA and IHE”.



MILLENSYS mission is Improving the quality of people’s lives through timely introduction of high quality and cost effective integrated solutions in healthcare and business IT solutions. insuring the maximum success to our partners and maximizing our profits for the benefits of our shareholders.


MILLENSYS Vision is to be a global market leader in innovative , high quality and cost effective healthcare , medical imaging and commercial software IT solutions in its targeted markets.

MILLENSYS shall be highly committed to its customers and targeted markets by insuring the delivery of innovative solutions, cost effective and high quality integrated services through its high qualified and well trained staff.

MILLENSYS shall work with its maximum efforts to present continuously updated information technology to better serve its customers in its targeted markets.


Providing a unique unified healthcare management information platform to manage a whole healthcare ecosystem from a single place

Develop brand awareness and acceptance for our product line around the globe

Maintaining a positive and strong growth each year.

Achieving a stable market share increase with a market penetration strategy in some markets and Diversification in others.

Continue to develop MILLENSYS image as the leader in innovative solutions provider in medical IT and beyond.


Focusing on customer needs.

Developing our people.

Delivering on commitments.

Continuous Innovations.

The Uni's , MIlLENSYS Unified solutions

a Complete family of unified software bundles to suite almost all healthcare sectors

Our Solutions

Complete set of software solutions for ultimate management of the healthcare organization

MILLENSYS unified eHealth Platform

Unified e-Health

Achieve operation excellence in the healthcare enterprise with the unified management platform.

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MILLENSYS Hospital Information System

Hospital Management

Leverage productivity and increase profitability of the healthcare organization with MILLENSYS HIS and ERP.

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MILLENSYS electronic medical record

Polyclinic Management

Manage the whole polyclinic with a single solution including web based scalable EMR solution and financial ERP financial .

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MILLENSYS Vendor Neutral Archive

Enterprise Imaging

Archive, view and share images and documents across the enterprise with MILLENSYS Vendor Neutral Archive VNA.

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MILLENSYS PACS , Vision Tools Workspace

Radiology Management

Achieve operation excellence in radiology with MILLENSYS unified RIS and PACS solution including a complete ERP .

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MILLENSYS Laboratory Information System

Lab Management

Manage the laboratory and increase profitability with MILLENSYS LIS , with instrument automation and a financial ERP.

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MILLENSYS cardiology solutions


Achieve operation excellence in cardiology with MILLENSYS unified EMR and VNA solution including a financial  ERP .

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MILLENSYS Endoscopy solution


Endoscopy image acquisition and reporting plus a full EMR and ERP application to manage gastroentrology departments

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MILLENSYS women imaging solutions

Women Imaging

Unified Solution of EMR / RIS and Mammography PACS to manage a women imaging department including ERP solution

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MILLENSYS women imaging solutions


EMR Solution to manage dermatology or clinical department including financial ERP solution

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MILLENSYS women imaging solutions

Dental Imaging

Dental PACS and EMR Solution to manage dental department including complete financial ERP solution

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MILLENSYS women imaging solutions

Oncology Imaging

Unified Solution of EMR / RIS and PET / CT and nuclear medicine PACS to manage an oncology department plus financial ERP

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MILLENSYS Tele-Health Solutions

Tele Medicince

Unified EMR solution for telemedicine and home care applications including back end ERP solution

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MILLENSYS women imaging solutions

Mobile Health

Patient Engagement mobile application for patients, physicians and management team

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MILLENSYS Financial Solutions

Financial Management

Powerful financial management ERP and HR solutions

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MILLENSYS near you

MILLENSYS in the world

MILLENSYS products are installed in more than 45 countries around the world and expanding .

our Clients

kitui moh , kitui , kenya

Ministry of Health, Kenya is starting MILLENSYS Unified e-Health platform all over the county hospitals

MCIT, cairo , Egypt

MILLENSYS awarded a national telemedicine project with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology " MCIT " in Egypt in more than 100 hospitals , 2018

Cairoscan , Cairo , Egypt

Cairo Scan Radiology Centers, Cairo, Egypt, is running MILLENSYS RIS and PACS platform in all its sites since 2011.

alfascan , Cairo , Egypt

Alfa Scan Radiology Centers, Cairo, Egypt, is running MILLENSYS RIS and ERP platform in all its sites since 2015 .

Ministry of Health , Egypt

More than 60 hospitals running MILLENSYS RIS / PACS and teleradiology applications at Ministry of Health of Egypt

Biomed medical hospitals , Greece

More than 40 Hospitals in Greece are running MILLENSYS PACS in all its sites since 2013

andalusia hospital , jeddah , saudi arabia

Andalusia Hospital in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia is running MILLENSYS RIS / PACS solution since 2008

sanad hospital , jeddah , saudi arabia

Sanad Hospital in Riyadh is running MILLENSYS PACS since 2014

udh , jeddah , saudi arabia

United Doctors Hospital in Jeddah is running MILLENSYS PACS since 2012

NileScan radiology centers , cairo , Egypt

Nile Scan Radiology Centers, Cairo, Egypt, is running MILLENSYS unified diagnostic platform " RIS , PACS and ERP " in all its sites starting from 2016

Techno Scan radiology centers , cairo , Egypt

Technoscan Radiology Centers , Cairo, Egypt, is running MILLENSYS RIS in all its sites starting from 2015

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